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SPG Annual Meeting

The SPG Annual Meeting comprises a special conference, given by a guest speaker of recognized merit, and the SPG General Assembly.

It is intended that this Meeting be the most important annual day for the SPG, constituting a forum for participation, homage, intervention and fellowship among members.

Lecturer(s): Eng.ª Nadir Plasencia Institution: EDP – Gestão da Produção de Energia, SA Lesson Title: Underground Solutions for Hydroelectric Circuits and environmental impacts.

Lecturer(s): Prof. Paulo da Venda Oliveira Institution: University of Coimbra Lesson Title: Landfills on Soft Soils. From Research to Practice.

Lecturer(s): Prof. Jaime Santos Institution: Instituto Superior Técnico Lesson Title: The Role of Dynamic Testing in Geotechnical Characterization

Lecturer(s): Eng. Paulo Matias Ramos Institution: Teixeira Duarte Lesson Title: Foundations in Fluvial and Maritime Media

Lecturer(s): Eng. Fernando Pardo de Santayana Institution: CEDEX (Spain) Lesson title: Thermo-mechanical behavior of geothermal stakes – the PITERM project

Lecturer (s): Eng. João Marcelino Institution: LNEC Lesson Title: Proctor and Darcy were not to blame

Lecturer (s): Prof. Jorge Almeida e Sousa Institution: University of Coimbra Lesson Title: Numerical Methods in Tunnel Design: What Role?

Lecturer (s): Prof. Arsenio Negro Institution: Bureau Projetos Lesson Title: Geotechnical Conditions in the City of São Paulo – Learning the Last 20 Years

Lecturer (s): Eng. Frederico Melâneo Institution: Bureau Projetos Lesson Title: 14 years of Metropolitano de Lisboa. Works after Expo 98

Lecturer (s): Eng. Jorge Vazquez Institution: EDIA Title of Lesson: Geotechnical aspects of the Ardila sub-system (EFMA)

Lecturer (s): Prof. César Sagaseta Institution: Universidad Cantabria (Spain) Lesson Title: Calculation of crushed columns – some obscure points

Lecturer (s): Eng. António Pires Carreto Institution: Teixeira Duarte Title of Lesson: Historical view of geotechnical works in Portugal. Contributions by Teixeira Duarte