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The Portuguese Commission for Ground Improvement (CPMT) is a technical committee of the SPG, approved in March 2022 by the SPG General Assembly. The CPMT includes individual and collective members interested in the problem of ground improvement. Those members are company representatives from the construction industry, civil engineers designers, exploration and supply of construction materials and/or equipment, as well as public and private research centers and higher education institutions.

The CPMT has the following objectives:

  • Foster the development of geotechnical scientific and technical knowledge associated with ground improvement and its multiple techniques.
  • Promote cooperation between professionals and other organizations interested in CPMT topics.
  • Promote dissemination of studies and works related to the several ground improvement techniques.
  • Assure by SPG delegation, the connection to the technical committee on ground improvement from the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE, TC211-Ground Improvement), and other similar national and international organizations.

CPMT activities include:

  • To stimulate the development and optimization of ground improvement techniques in close connection with present and future needs of Contractors and Companies, Designers, Academia and Research.
  • To organise technical and scientific events at national and international level (thematic workshops, visits, etc.).
  • To promote the dissemination of studies and works in national and international journals and conferences.
  • To compile and make available national and international technical documentation and information related to ground improvement.
  • To promote national representation in international commissions and conferences of this topic.


The Portuguese Commission for Ground Improvement statutes was approved in the General Assembly of the Portuguese Geotechnical Society on March 30, 2022.

Download the Portuguese version of CPMT regulations.


The CPMT Board is made up of:

Paulo José da Venda Oliveira (UC)

Rui Tomásio (JetSJ)
Alexandre Pinto (SPG, JetSJ)

António Cristóvão (MAGNA)

António Alberto Santos Correia (UC)

Assistant Secretary
Sara Rios (FEUP)

The board of directors is appointed by SPG, and the mandate lasts 4 years.

Why become a CPMT member

CPMT members have the following benefits:

  • Membership is free of charge if SPG member.
  • Direct contact with CPMT initiatives related with ground improvement.
  • Special prices for registering in technical and scientific events, as well as for purchasing publications developed and/or organized by CPMT or under the auspices of the CPMT.
  • Possibility of participating in work groups organized by CPMT to discuss specific topics.
  • Members can access the CPMT’s network of contacts, including companies, higher education and research institutions, as well as professionals working in the field of ground improvement.
  • Free access to technical documentation on the subject of ground improvement.
  • Possibility to disseminate news and technical publications on this site (after prior approval by the CPMT Board).
  • On demand, CPMT may provide a membership certificate valid as a curricular element.



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